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The President is elected by members of each new assembly for a term lasting four years The President of the National Assembly serves as acting President of Serbia if the elected president vacates the office before the expiration of the 5-year presidential term due to death, resignation or removal from office.

History of the office Duties and competences According to the article of the Constitution of Serbia: The National Assembly, by a majority vote of all deputies, elect President and one or more Vice Presidents of the National Assembly.

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President of the National Assembly represents the National Assembly, convenes its meetings, presides over them and perform other duties stipulated by the Constitution, the law and the rules of the National Assembly. MPs by party Name Abbr. This is a list of the members of the — National Assembly of Serbia, as well as a list of former members of the — National Assembly. The — National Assembly was the 7th assembly since the reestablishment of the multi-party system, after the parliamentary election. The — National Assembly was the 6th assembly since the reestablishment of the multi-party system, after the parliamentary election.

The affairs of government are decided by the Cabinet of Ministers, which is led by the Prime Minister. Jurisdiction According to the Constitution of Serbia, the Government: Determines and guides policy Executes laws and other general acts of the National Assembly Adopts regulations and other general acts for the purpose of enforcing laws Proposes to the National Assembly the laws and other general acts and gives an opinion on them when submitted by another proposer Directs and coordinates the work of public administration bodies and supervises their work Performs other duties determined by the Constitution and the law Also, the Government is responsible to the Natio.

The — National Assembly was the 8th assembly since the reestablishment of the multi-party system, after the parliamentary election. Map showing the member states of the United Nations. Since , the flags of the two non-member observer states are raised alongside those of the member states.

The criteria for admission of new members to the UN are set out in Chapter II, Article 4 of the UN Charter:[3] Membership in the United Nations is open to all peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and, in the judgement of the Organization, ar. Founded in as a split from the Serbian Radical Party SRS , the culmination of a decade-long conflict within the SRS between the party's moderate and hard-line wings, the SNS managed to retain the former's national conservative outlook, while adopting distinct pro-European policies.

As of August , the party holds 96 seats in the National Assembly. Disenchanted with the direction of the party, the pro-EU members[. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since He is now based in Smederevo and has a background in labour relations.

Goran miletic astrolog

According to one story, he once told his colleagues of his disappointment at having to attend of political meeting while Metallica and Def Leppard were playing in Sofia, Bulgaria. This list of current longest ruling non-royal national leaders is a list of the current living longest ruling heads of nation-states or national governments, who are not royalty, and have served ten years or longer, sorted by length of tenure.

The individuals on the list are not always the most powerful figure in their country's national government. Some are or have been at one time the most powerful figures in their country's national government but not necessarily continuously throughout the listed timespan. Some of them have held more than one national leadership-level office: presidency, prime minister-ship, or some other title implying or widely believed to confer national leadership.

When more than one such office exists in a country, there may be uncertainty as to which member of the national government actually has the ultimate power. Therefore, this list combines all national level offices held concurrently or consecutively by each individual leader. He has published over fifty scientific papers, worked in research and development for Imtel, and, since , worked at the Vlatacom Research and Development Institute. He received the fifty-ninth position on the party's electoral list for the Assembly of the City of Belgrade in the local election[2] and the seventy-fourth position in ,[3] receiving a mandate on the latter occasion.

This article lists the deputies currently serving in the 15th legislature of the French Fifth Republic, elected in the legislative elections, elected in by-elections, or alternates succeeding deputies. He has served several terms in the parliaments of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Serbia as a member of the far-right Serbian Radical Party.

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In , they moved to Gnjilane. He is on the right wing of the party and has sometimes clashed with the party's leadership. He is a graduate economist. This is a list of current foreign ministers of the United Nations member states as well as the Holy See Vatican City Foreign ministers of sovereign countries with limited recognition, some alternative governments, some dependent territories and some autonomous administrative divisions are included in separate tables. Chet Greene Antigua Labour Party 2.

The province of Vojvodina has its own assembly and government. It enjoys autonomy on certain matters, such as infrastructure, science, education and culture. She was employed with the Zastava Impeks company from to and was a tour guide with the agencies Holidej and Kontiki from to She was one of the party's candidates for the Kragujevac division in the Serbian parliamentary election, receiving the twenty-fourth position out of twenty-nine on the party's electoral list.

The Radicals won five seats in the division, and she was not subsequently included in the party's parliamentary delegation. He is a prominent figure in the Kosovo Serb community and has served several terms in the assemblies of Yugoslavia and Serbia as a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia. From to , he held a high-ranking position in Serbia's Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija.

He has a Bachelor of Laws degree. He worked as a journalist for the paper Jedinstvo from to and was secretary of the commission for the YU program from to The republics of Serbia and Montenegro together established a federation in as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia abbr. For the first several years of its existence, the state aspired to be recognized as the sole legal successor to Yugoslavia, but those claims were opposed by other former constituent republics.

The United Nations also denied its request to take up. He was a prominent member of the student movement Otpor! Trained as a lawyer, he served as vice-president of the Glavnog odbora Studentskog protesta group from to and was vice-president of Serbia's Student Parliament from to English: Resistance! He graduated from teacher's college and from the University of Belgrade, worked as a professor, and was director of the Petrovac Gymnasium from to He later became president of the committee from to , returned to the presidency in , and continues to serve in this role as of He has also served as president of the Socialist Party's district committee.

She was a minister in the government of Vojvodina from to and has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since She was a professional journalist from to , writing and reporting for Radio , Danas, and the Romanian language publication Libertatea, along with other outlets.

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  • The Parliament currently has 81 members, elected for a four-year term. Following the independence referendum, the Parliament declared and ratified the independence of Montenegro on 3 June The system of the house is proportional representation. Opposition is awarded the remaining Deputy Speaker seat, which is currently vacant due to the ongoing boycott of 39 opposition MPs following the alleged electoral fraud which took place during the latest parliamentary election.

    She graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in and has been a lawyer since She founded the Center for Democracy Foundation in Serbia in and has been its secretary-general since that time. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since as a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia and is a former member of both the Assembly of Serbia and Montenegro and the Assembly of Vojvodina.

    Deaths in January 2018

    Since , he has been the general manager of the powerful public utility Srbijagas. He has a degree in electrical engineering with a major in systems management and a degree in economics with a major in agro-economics. He was award. She has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since as a member of the Democratic Party and is currently a deputy speaker of the assembly. She trained as a physicist and was an employee of the University of Novi Sad from to , working in the Faculty of Technical Sciences. He has served several terms in the National Assembly of Serbia, originally as a member of the Democratic Party and subsequently with the Social Democratic Party.

    100 Years Ago Hannah Arendt Was Born

    Formerly the chair of the Democratic Party's executive committee, he now serves as leader of the Social Democratic Party—People's Movement of Serbia parliamentary group. He is an information technology engineer in private life.

    At the legislative elections held on 24 October the party won One of the founding members, Ibrahim Rugova was president of the party, as well as President of Kosovo, until his death on 21 January At the last legislative elections held on 17 November , the party won only Since the province of Kosovo, although part of the Socialist Republic of Serbia, was a self-governed entity over which the Serbian parliament had almost no factual control see Politi.

    She is currently serving her fifth term in the National Assembly of Serbia as a member of the far-right Serbian Radical Party. She has served as a deputy speaker of the assembly since A graduate of the University of Sarajevo's law faculty, she now lives in the Belgrade municipality of Zemun.

    In February , she was included in a list of Serbian government officials prevented. Raised and educated in the town of his birth, he graduated in the field of science and mathematics, worked as a professor for more than twenty-three years, and after this became an education inspector in the Tutin municipality. From to , he was a state secretary in Serbia's education ministry. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since as a member of New Serbia and is currently the party's sole representative in the assembly.

    Like many in the party, he opposed the Serbian government's military policies in the Yugoslav Wars of the s. He graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, apprenticed in a law office, and worked for two and a half years in Belgrade's first municipal court before entering politics. This is a list of current presiding officers of the legislative assemblies of sovereign and unrecognized states, autonomous regions, dependencies and other territories, sui generis entities, and international organisations.


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    An okrug is one of the first-level administrative divisions of Serbia, corresponding to a "province" in many other countries. The term okrug pl. The Serbian local government reforms of , going into effect the following year, created 29 districts,[1] with the City of Belgrade holding similar authority. Following the controversial Kosovo declaration of independence, new districts were created by the so-called Republic of Kosovo government; the Serbian government does not recognize these districts.

    Their areas and populations vary to a large extent, ranging from the relatively-small Podunavlje District to the much larger Zlatibor District. As regional centers of state aut. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since , originally as a member of New Serbia and since January as an independent.

    He was previously a member of the Assembly of Serbia and Montenegro from to By , he was operating ninety-one pharmaceutical stories along with a variety of other business ventures. He is a student at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. He received the same position in the parliamentary election and, as the list won twenty-two mandates, was not initially elected.

    The party won nine.

    He was also an executive member of Belgrade's municipal government from to and a deputy minister in Serbia's government from to with responsibility for the Serbian diaspora. He has written several books and is a noted composer of aphorisms. Private career Zeljug is a veterinarian. Zeljug was among those who sided with the Progressives. He appeared on the Progressive Party's list in the local elections, although he did not serve in the sitting of the municipal assembly that followed.

    He is currently the vice-president of the latter party. He graduated from the University of Kragujevac Faculty of Law and subsequently moved to Jagodina, where he was director of the Jagodina Construction Directorate. He left the latter party in and, on the. He was raised in that community and in nearby Subotica and later graduated from the University of Novi Sad Faculty of Philosophy.

    He is a professor of philosophy and has published in the field. She also launched the "Mother's Courage" initiative to improve conditions in Serbian maternity hospitals. She lives in Belgrade. She received the thirteenth position on the DJB list in the election a. The three members elected at any one election serve a collective four-year term.

    Similar to the Russian presidency, individuals are able to serve no more than two consecutive four-year terms, although there are no overall term limits. Although the unsubdivided body is the collective head of state, one member is designated as Chairperson. The position of Chairperson rotates twice around the three members every eight months, with the candidate r. The party currently has three members serving in the National Assembly. History After his unsuccessful bid in an attempt to replace Ban Ki-Moon as UN Secretary-General in the end of , he returned to Serbia, where he enjoyed relatively high approval ratings compared to other opposition politicians.