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It's astounding!

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It's uncanny. But true. The Leo subject, like the king of the jungle, is all power and innate substance.

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No Leo lacks for bravery or courage. Leos are willful and belong to the sign that most characterizes ego and self-esteem. The Leo person is determined and capable. He will always find a bevy of loyal subjects who adore and adulate him. In the role of guide and pontiff of their lives, Leo can be both severe and indulgent. Most Leo people look a bit like lions with lovely manes of thick curly hair.

The New Astrology by Suzanne White

Our "regular" monthly Sun signs are hugely modified by our yearly "Chinese" animal signs. After 10 years of practicing Chinese Astrology, I decided to try to bring Asian Astrology's animal signs more into the mainstream by combining them with our familiar Western Astrological signs. The results are astonishing. These power-mongering sunshiney beasts are like no other Leos. Nor are they kin to any of the eleven other sorts of Dog-born persons we know and love. A Libra born Pig is more naive than your usual run-of-the-mill Libran, just as a Horse born in Scorpio is more of a meanie workaholic with an attitude than any plain old viper-tongued Scorpio you may have met.

You will not only find out who you are, but who you can best associate with, why you get along with So-and-So and cannot bear the sight of Such-and-Such. You will also find out what jobs you are best suited for, where you should try to live and what famous folks are born under your NEW sign. I wrote it just for you.

The Western and Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

A reader from Zetten, Holland , August 30, It's the perfect book! A few years ago I read some books about Chinese astrology. Because I knew all about the western astrology this subject was very interesting. And than the surprise: this book written by Suzanne White. It's a perfect book. A reader from Jonesboro, Georgia , July 30, Fun! Because your very existence was making too many demands on you in both your professional and personal life, you felt at times that you might actually be depressed. Your zeal had abandoned you. You did what was necessary to maintain all that you had established.


This year, because of the transitional nature of the next 12 months for Aries, all that will change. All your worry and fretting about whether life was really worth living in will dissipate. By the month of April you will finally exit the period of disquiet you thought would never end. This year you may have a few property concerns. Perhaps you sold a house or building that you loved last year. Or perhaps you lost your home in a storm or a fire. You will rebuild in But you will do so in a novel and unusual way.

Scorpio The New Astrology - Chinese And Western Zodiac Signs: (New Astrology by Sun Signs, #7)

In the main, this will be a peaceful year for Aries. Whatever challenges come your way, you will be well equipped to confront and conquer. This year, the challenges I spoke of above will enter your life from outside. Instead of wondering if you are depressed or feeling worried about whether your life is worth living, you will be irritated and sometimes very angry at someone else. You know full well you have done nothing to provoke this person. Yet they have expressed their dissatisfaction with you in no uncertain terms.

Either they feel competitive or they are just plain jealous because you have found your own cruising altitude and are in the process of ironing yourself out, while letting them stay mired in their own muck. The changes happening in your life are all good. The person or persons in question wonder what happened to their generous Aries pal who always boosted and supported them no matter what. The person or people who feel abandoned may try to put sticks in your spokes. Or they might speak ill of you to people you both know.

Be polite. This year you need to move forward and eliminate negative influences.

If your angry pals are not overjoyed to see you doing so well, they were not really such great friends after all, were they? Property transactions may cause some temporary hikes in your debt picture. Perhaps you sold and then bought a more expensive place. You will be able to manage it. But it looks like your monthly payment responsibilities will increase. If you can avoid it, refrain from redecorating or. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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The New Astrology Libra Chinese & Western Zodiac Signs. : The New Astrology by Sun Signs

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