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Dowsing helps identify such spots. Vaastu Drishti combines dowsing with vastu to study the energy field in a property.

Casting of Horoscope by Pendulum | Future Point

Angle rods are used to determine the energy fields and areas low on positive energy. A negative energy field can be caused due to sewer lines, electrical wiring, gas pipes and earth radiations. This is also known as geopathic stress. Geopathic Stress or a negative energy field can have a negative impact on people and affect their day to day life in terms of unstable finances, dented relationships, poor career growth , low immunity levels leading to health problems and other important aspects.

Vaastu Drishti offers space cleaning or cleaning a property of any negative radiations through dowsing and offers cures depending upon the intensity of negative energy.

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Toggle navigation. Vastu Vastu is an ancient science of building structures based on the study of directions and the laws of nature.

Experience and thus Transcend

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Dowsing Percentage Chart

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Copyright Info Bibliography Basic Navigation Additional Online Info So what all can you can do with your pendulum. Read on. I use a purple amethyst or a rose quartz crystal pendulum for my work. I prefer using living crystals and not metal. And I have on occasion used a rudraksh seed which I wear on a chain around my neck or in a pinch used a ruby pendant which I use as a jewellery at times.

So experiment with your pendulums and mantras and heal yourself.

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If you are not well, you are the best judge of what is happening to you because you are going through it, experiencing it. Your higher self knows what is required to heal you and a pendulum, a mantra and your subconscious is most likely the best possible healing available to you.

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