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Hope that answers your questions Your example is actually my birthday February 27th, and you reduce it from 11 to 2.

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Master Numbers are normally only looked at closely when dealing with our Core Numbers. Regardless of whether someone has a double vibration of 11 or 20, the base and most important number for that person is still a 2. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Submit Comment. Attitude or Sun Number. As the name suggests, the Attitude Number sometimes referred to as the Sun Number describes how we are perceived by others when they first meet us.

It is an indication of what type of first impression, or appearance, we portray to the world. This perceived attitude is not always in line with what we are truly like, or who we are on the inside. How to find your Attitude Number: You Attitude Number is calculated by adding your Birth Day and Birth Month together, and reducing that number down to a single digit value Note that master numbers are not treated as "special" in any way and the calculation is a simple straight across addition.

Of course you can use the calculator here to do the work for you. Attitude Number Calculator.

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  • Attitude Number Definitions. Attitude Number 1 The impression you give off is of someone who is self-sufficient, independent, and one who doesn't normally ask others for assistance. Attitude Number 2 The impression you give off is of someone who is kind, accommodating, sensitive, and generally easy going.

    Sun Numbers in Numerology

    Attitude Number 3 The impression you give off is of someone who is social, charismatic, dynamic, witty, and smart with a good sense of humour. Attitude Number 4 The impression you give off is of someone who is hard working, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, honest, and loyal. Attitude Number 5 The impression you give off is of someone who is cheerful, playful, fearless, and one who embraces change.

    On the down side, you may be more prone to excessive use of drugs, sex, and alcohol. Attitude Number 6 The impression you give off is that family, friends, and loved ones are the center of your world. You give off a vibe of a caretaker and a nurturer, and are likely a perfectionist and somewhat of a control freak, taking over in emergency situations and coordinating damage control.

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    Because of your caring and nurturing persona, people from all walks of life tend to be attracted to you. Attitude Number 7 The impression you give off is of someone who is analytical, introspective, intellectual, and intelligent. Attitude Number 8 The impression you give others is of someone with a strong character and personality. Attitude Number 9 The impression you give off is of someone compassionate, socially conscious, and concerned about the well being of the world and all the things within it.

    The cycle begins gradually - you begin to feel its influence a month or so before the end of the previous year, and a few months later it's fully in place. The exact start and finish depends on your Life Path number. Learn more here Your yearly cycle is the basis for your Personal Month cycle , which in turn produces your Personal Day cycle, also called Your Daily Number check out your free Daily Number Forecast here Keep in mind that, as with all numbers found in your Numerology chart, their influence is limited to the area they affect.

    The Sun Number focuses on your attitude toward changes, which is particularly helpful when challenges are unexpected.

    xn----dtbhlsdqbbkt.xn--p1ai/img/zithromax-antibiotikum-billig-versand-nach-germany.php Your Sun Number is easy to calculate and never changes. Simply add your month and day of birth, and reduce to a single digit reduce Master numbers to a single digit as well. If interruptions could get in your way, never fear, this is also a time to bask in the warm-fuzzy glow of QT with loved ones. In the video below, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the significance of , which is a 3 Universal Year. In your alone time, you can assimilate the important changes from past month—and to consider the best ways to implement them. Answers and ideas manifest through slow contemplation.

    Think of this as a time for data collection. Once you have all the facts, you can start determining the most relevant information for your chosen project, one that could be related to relationships, career, etc. For now, focus on preparation rather than fast-and-furious action. Show me the money! As an 8 Month, February demands that you slip on your power suit and take charge.


    Around February 2 or 5, a new opportunity may come to your attention with potential to cannonball you into an opulent future. During a 6 Personal Year, your focus is on family and home, bringing you some added responsibilities in these areas. In some instances, relatives may open doors or help with your professional progress. But be prepared that interference in family affairs that may conflict with your business goals, particularly during the week of February Tend to family obligations as they arise since domestic responsibilities take precedence during a 6 Year.

    Remember to take breaks when you need them. You may find yourself embroiled in a few power struggles with the people closest to you. Uncomfortable and awkward? Yes, but this could motivate you to stand up for yourself, set boundaries and tweak a few dysfunctional communication patterns. Step into your power and speak your truth. From February 9-onward, you may feel a shift. Other conclusions—particularly with friends or colleagues—may be comparatively subtle in their falling away.

    Who leaves you feeling positive and energized during and between your interactions? Put your energy towards those folks. After February 18, take some time for yourself to rest and recharge, in solitude. Surrender to the soul searching. Letting go will be a relief. As a 1 Month, February marks the genesis of an extremely productive time. Focus on what you truly want. Set intentions so they are as bright as a neon sign!